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As a visual medium of creative expression and communication, a language of qualitative cognition, art takes on an even more significant role in the current sullied times. It is a means to stimulate and rejuvenate ‘life’ through the purity of its innovative expression and splendour of its visual experience.

Compelled by these sentiments as well as to explore artistic values, ‘Art and Aesthetic’, an art gallery based in Lado Sarai, New Delhi, started its journey of promotional initiatives in 2012. Providing both domestic and international forum to art and its practices, it strives to reach out to wider audiences and form fresh and meaningful connections across globe.

With a clear vision, a focused agenda and an honest commitment to its artists and viewers, ‘Art and Aesthetic’ aims to introduce programmes to facilitate an inspiring and creative environment that provokes public dialogue through contemporary art – making

The gallery has had an enriching exposure past two years through participation in art fairs in Berlin, Mumbai and numerous solo and group shows in New Delhi. Going forward it will present interactive programmes that will provide an ideal opportunity for intensive and resourceful sessions on innovative thinking and new perspectives on world art.

We are here to celebrate contemporary art and look forward to your participation!

Promoter’s Profile

Anchal Shinde

Anchal Shinde has been actively involved in helping art buyers in India make informed choices for close to two decades now. Along with her commitment to contemporary and modern art though Art and Aesthetic, she continues to aid deals in private sales in the secondary market. Additionally, she provides advisory, cataloguing services for established collectors.

She has previously been employed with the Delhi Art Gallery and Gallery Espace and has curated a few shows. Continuing her commitment to art and upgrading her art studies, she has attended art courses in Melbourne and London.