Curator’s Note

The basic premise of the LAND project is the second world war and the issues around it. I have been trying to find out the essence of Man and despite all the progress in our civilization why Man can’t live without war? Why is war necessary? What are the compulsions of engaging in a war? LAND is the fundamental question of any aggression, adventurism and occupation by force, whether it is the savages, barbarians or the sophisticated /advanced NATION, they all get pleasure out of such actions. To my mind there have been two most devastating wars since the beginning of the civilization, the Mahabharata war and the second world war. As a non european researcher of the second world war, I have been curious to find out the effects of war on WOMEN, or how were they treated by the NAZI PHILOSOPHY? I have tried to raise the GENDER issue through this project and particularly though the art practices of two young and talented women artists , Aditi Raman and Tanvi Jain who did their Masters from Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan. I am not trying to make any definitive statement on the Gender issue but it is a learning process for me and raising an issue which may have been overlooked all these years.

Amit Mukhopadhyay
Kolkata, 2015