Gopika Nath


Gopika Nath is a textile artist and writer. In the two persons show ‘Fragments and Fragmentation’ she presents a few works from her in-depth, 6 year long, exploration of marks in the tea-cup, which are presented as mind-stains. Gopika works with needle and thread, as an artist-craftsperson.  Material and process are integral to her practice as an artist, as also to the evolution of artistic concepts. Her presentation includes her poetry, a video – The Sound of Stitch, and an on-site installation which invites viewer participation at the Stain Tea Party. She uses the needle, thread and other embroidery implements, as any artist would use the pencil or brush, deconstructing the fabric and then re-structuring it through what are traditional embroidery styles and stitches. This deconstruction of the fabric is akin to deconstructing the fabric of being, her life and its thought patterns, to unravel, understand and re-formulate thoughts, in an attempt at better mind-management. Embellishing fabric allows for something beautiful to emerge from the wounds and burns of self-examination, incessant internal probing and watchfulness. The embellished fabric now becomes a celebration of what was, which has been transcended.



11th July 2015