Mahula Ghosh – Artists’ Statement

This set of paintings is an expression of my engagement with Darjeeling tea gardens and its people. Having spent my childhood in Darjeeling, my interest in the burgeouning tea industry of 1960-1970s was natural. However, the romanticism of the picturesque and gentle undulating hills lined with women tea pluckers adorning cane baskets of my childhood days soon gave way to concrete realities in the form of shopping and housing complexes in the recent times. My art has been informed by the socio-political changes that have taken place, for instance the rampant exploitation and forced migration of the tea garden workers has rendered them jobless while women labour has fallen prey to human trafficking. My work traces the shift in the social imagery over the last few decades in my recent body of works.The narrative of my art in the current exhibition depicts the transition from a mimetic representation to an imaginative portrayal of the subject matter. The select works on view are dated 2010 onwards.

Mahula Ghosh
Oct 2015