Mahabharata – Pop Up Installation | Sankha Banerjee

The art works are poetic representation of the stories of Mahabharata, the most widely critiqued and appreciated epic of India centres on the war of Kurukshetra. The works reveals much about the nature of Dharma, prolonged discourses on ethics and the model of ancient Indian state systems in an Iron Age culture.

Here, Mahabharata talks about the polity, men and women, their tribulations, cast politics, race, land conflict, the subjugation of the masses by the overarching systems of politics and religion. The epochal war as a one fought between potentates over their occupation of land and kingdom. Gradually after the devastating war and lamentation, we arrive in a state where the victory and the defeat are the same in value.

Most of the artworks are handmade pop-ups and made with acid free paper. They on the one hand represent a long tradition of India’s handmade craftsmanship and on the other hand arouse the memory of our tactile relationship with pop-up books.