Mahula Ghosh – About the Medium

Moisture as an indispensable element of the tea gardens has prompted me to use water colours as a medium to capture the subtle nuances and sensitivity of the theme I paint. My training at Santiniketan has helped me cultivate the technique of using this medium on various textures and surfaces like the rice paper, handmade paper, Nepali paper and fabric that form a part of my work. I have also combined the tone and colour of the paints with drawing and stitching to produce a distinctive visual language. My research methodology involves exploring places, maintaining visual records of my travels and field trips and making a systematic study of people, objects as well as landscapes. Back in the studio, I play with the imagery, combining organic and industrial materials like fresh and used tea bags, tea stains and tea liquor along with water colours to give expression to my ideas.

Mahula Ghosh
Oct 2015