Dinesh Khanna and Kathryn Myers are showcasing their works for the first time together in response to one another’s creative interests, capturing objective reality through the lens of the camera. The show aptly titled Reciprocation suggests the way they both respond to India; Dinesh Khanna as the son of the soil and Kathryn Myers as the often time visitor to this land, seemingly to blend or reciprocate the ‘insider-outsider’ discourse.


Khanna discovers his artistic subject matter in the rural India with her unassuming folks, spirited festivities and sacred rituals radiating the fragrance of life and the eventuality of its purpose. In works from Nizamuddin the ‘beautiful’ and the ‘sublime’ reciprocate through a veiled transparent appearance, as against the contrastingly sombre pulsating waters at the Banaras Ghats, here touching the last two steps of life is symbolically represented by a brass pot with a white shroud resting in an eternal silence!


Kathryn relates to spaces as passages; passages of movement, of inhabitation, of time, of transformation and transcendence. In her Varanasi Passage series, dark spaces are illumined by the prevailing night, casting a silent-still moment, coaxing the viewer through an underlying geometry of a vanishing-point perspective. She inherits the aesthetics of art and the instincts of a painter to articulate an engaging visual drama through her digital device. In her Complimentary series, colours and forms are seen juxtaposed; bringing out the mundane, the odd, the eerieand the comical in its profoundest form. Opposites constantly reciprocate in her work to inspire a wondrous experience!

Omprakash December 2016