When Marco Polo Saw Elephants

Ebenezer Singh, Jason Wallengren, Kathryn Myers, Rose Ebenezer,
At: Art And Aesthetic,F-213/A,1st Floor,Old M.B. Road, Lado Sarai, New Delhi 110030 INDIA
In our uber-paced world, global systems of movement and transportation are substantial and easily available. To hop on a airliner and see the penguins in Antarctica is not necessarily just a dream but a daily reality for those with resources. But to truly travel is more than ‘sampling culture’. It is deliberate movement and displacement of oneself for many contrastive reasons. One who travels moves through space and time, constantly mapping mentally and physically observed space, both deliberately and unconsciously compelled to seek out and receive experiences. These movements can take many paths and often lead to a sense of displacement and division between the individual and their homeland.
The four artists in When Marco Polo Saw Elephants are connected to different geographies and cultures. They find meaning in ways that resonate both within their creative practices and their lives. Jason is an American living in Southern Germany. Ebenezer and Rose are Tamil Indians living in Brooklyn, New York, and Kathryn is an American who divides her time between India and the United States. All four artists engage in research and creative work that reflects their original locations and cultures. Jason, Ebenezer, and Rose are intentionally displaced artists living in foreign countries, trying to decipher and grasp their new surroundings. Kathryn mirrors their positions by engaging with Indian culture while remaining grounded in America. All four artists are alternately and simultenously displaced and rooted, which is the thread connecting their work in this exhibition.
The title, When Marco Polo Saw Elephants, calls attention to a habitual nomadic criss-crossing of the globe, physically, politically, and spiritually. Marco Polo has become a symbol for the Wanderer who searches and encounters the unfamilar, drawn into new experiences and seeing, for the first time, what is both fantastic and ordinary. Wandering and seeking meaning, dislocated and settled, Jason, Ebenezer, Kathryn, and Rose create nomadic maps that span the globe.
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